Short guide for PHSZ students

Thank you for taking part in the LOIS project! Here is some handy information about how it works. For any problem, please write in English or German to

First, install the LOIS extension. At this time, it only works on Firefox on any type of computer (not smartphone). To install the LOIS extension, click on the link and follow the instructions –> LOIS Browser Extension

When it is correctly installed, you will the the LOIS icon on your browser toolbar (the last one in the picture):

Second, activate the extension and log-in. To do so, click on the LOIS icon in your browser toolbar to go the LOIS extensiona page; then enter your username and password (you should have received them by email). You can then select English as main language.

Third, start the search tasks. To do so, you have to enter the Task ID in the LOIS extension page.

You have been assigned two search tasks:
– Vegan diet: code –> 2
– Two-wheelers: code –> 3

When you activate a task, you will be presented a situation, and then you will be asked to answer a few questions (you can have them in Italian or English).

Then you will start searching. From that moment, every action you take with the web browser will be recorded (but will be anonymous!). You can stop the tracking and resume it later at any moment, using the two buttons:

When you are done searching, you can go back to the LOIS extension page (click on the LOIS icon) and say you are done. You will be asked again a few questions.

Thank you and good search!

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